Circle Dance Events
Cindy Kelly & Adrian Pointon

Date Where What Contact
Sunday May 20th Rixton, Cheshire Sacred Marriage
A day looking at our own inner masculine and feminine qualities through traditional and choreographed dances.
Sunday June 3rd - Wednesday June 6th Trigonos, Snowdonia Summer in Snowdonia (Just a few places left)
With plenty of time both to relax and dance. The dances will be a mixture of traditional and choreographed dances. With a bit of weaving for those who want to.
Sunday August 5th Rixton, Cheshire Lammas Celebration - Lammas is the summerís height and a celebration of the grain harvest. We will dance a delightful selection of traditional and choreographed dances on the theme of summer and harvest.
Sunday September 9th Rixton, Cheshire Croatia and Albania
A day of traditional dances from Croatia and Albania.

Looking ahead to 2019: June 4 - 11, Croatia; Autumn, Calum's Road, Raasay

Looking ahead to 2020: January 28 - February 4, La Maison Anglaise, Morocco

If you would like to invite us to your area, please do contact us - we offer a range of workshops and are happy to tailor them for your group.